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Merry Christmas

The Christmas cake!!!!!!! RAR!!!

From the top
Pistachio mousse
Dark chocolate mousse
Hazelnut mousse
White chocolate mousse
Pistachio sponge cake

Yes, really. Why? Because I wanted nut mousse and a green cake, so shut up! IT WAS AWESOME. The separate recipes for mousse were copied and slightly modified from the ones here. I made the decision to put everything together the way I did, although Japanese Christmas cake websites are responsible for making me want a green cake and giving me ideas. And it's probably kiiiind of like a certain famous bakery's cake.

Two things are happening.

1. I haven't posted on LJ in two months.
-Because apparently all my walls of text belong in AIM.)
-I got a new computer, and I always use Opera, and Opera just doesn't want to enter passwords for me. Okay. So then I skip signing into LJ for months at a time.
2. I am displeased with LJ's behavior during certain recent events.
-A lot of people have been displeased with LJ for a long time. I meant to Officially Leave a year ago and never got around to it, so I think I was just waiting for something LJ did to gross me out enough.

So that's it. Find me on Dreamwidth. I will probably not be updating this journal a heck of a lot! (I'm going to have trouble updating the DW one a lot.) If I do, I'm going to make it the impersonal stuff that's fit for human consumption. <---implying that I will actually write something personal about myself in a blog!!! I don't really know the details but apparently being an LJ user and browsing DW is not that painful, so you can still keep track of me if you want.

Happy holidays, Livejournal! My new journal is pink!

progress translation

Mostly back to put this somewhere.

progressCollapse )

If you're not a crazy preorder person and you don't already have Tales of Xillia, it's a very nice game and there is fun to be had playing it. The problem is that it still looks like one of the following will happen: 1. a "complete" version, 2. Tales is having their FFX-2 (except I hope the sequel has better music than FFX-2), 3. Namco is going to try and sell expansion packs through PSN.

I have an extra copy of Tales of Xillia! It has the code for the downloads and the plain Jude keychain. Can you give this a good home? Can you pay me $60 through paypal? If so, get my attention in the comments on this entry or through e-mail.
Hai LJ ORZ After, like, a month, I am back with updates.


Now it's the END OF AUGUST, and autumn is coming CURSES. I don't really know what I spent this month playing. There was a little Angelique Etoile, there was some Star Ocean, and I downloaded a new game I need to talk about in a new entry. A smidgen of Tales of Vesperia was continued, too. I played a looooooooooooot of Incubator (and felt like a bad person).

I have a new computer. I got a nice one for cheap, and with free shipping. The whole thing is ginormous because it has a big HD screen. There's a BD drive, Windows 7, it's fast, and it ahhh. Plaaaayys Aion Online...I worry that I waited so long that it's nearing the end of its lifecycle 8| I feel like I should talk about Aion here but surely my opinions cannot be new or useful to anyone because TERA is going to replace it argh.

As everyone surely knows, Tales of Xillia fast approaches. Oh my god. *flaps hands* I'm expecting to start playing it a week after the release date because slow transfer service is slow (and criminally expensive). I'm going to buy food specifically for the purpose of disturbing gameplay as little as possible while I eat, LOL (<---first time ever) A case of calorie mate to stave off starvation! And I'll give like half to my fambly because they consider it to be good hiking food. Yeah, I guess there isn't much with less sodium.

I'm going to buy two copies again (yeah, how's that working for you with Meruru Robinnnnn), so if anyone wants to buy one off of me! I'm slow as hell! And it's probably going to get localized in the US anyway! And I don't even want to think about what Bamco could do a few months from now! ORZ

I saw that there was another set of Xillia trailers. I didn't really have the sound on with the story trailer, so I couldn't hear anything, and I decided it was too boring to translate. More correctly, I can't be bothered to deal with more foreshadowing and all the srs business unless it gives me LOTS of information about the game. The system trailer was good though! It starts with Jude being all, "Yep! We got some good equipment here! ^_^ chirpity chirp!" OH STOP BEING SO CUTE.

EDIT: I went back and watched the story trailer again, so more speculation. Nobody knows if these are spoilers yetCollapse )

Last week I read a factoid in a magazine: a study has shown that people tend to enjoy the plot more when they've been spoiled. Instead of rushing to the end to see what happened, they amble along finding even more interesting things. They know what to look for. This explains why I mostly wasn't emotionally affected by Madoka Magica until rewatching it ORZ And this has happened before! I was too busy shooting to the end trying to see if what I thought would happen was right. And I also tend to resent stories that try to act like more than just freakin' stories. ...maybe I should...spoil myself...but then I can never go back ahhhhhh X_X
A rant for all: because a magazine I like actually published a big article on how SSRIs are no better than placebos and it made me so fucking mad.

I would be dead without SSRIs.Collapse )

When I watched Rayearth I couldn't fantasize about going to Cephiro and killing things with my own fucking personalized sword because I thought I would land up there without my pills. What the hell kind of teenagerhood is that?

*points to the horizon* OH LOOK A VACATION 8D (GOING TO RI BRB)






万虹の姿 千律の声 光となりて 中二病な文章


idolm@ster 2 for the PS3
on October 27



Also, spoiler news about SupernaturalCollapse )

AND NOW, TO PARTY ALL NIGHT, because I slept during the day, GEEK STYLE with a can of pepsi and maybe a gluten-free cookie. (Don't worry everyone, I'm still just sensitive to eggs, and the cookies are for a visiting relative)

Annoyance/but my dog is cute

Without really knowing where I saw this bullshit, I'm getting pretty tired of people making really REALLY verbose and long statements about the stoic/family-oriented/nature-abiding spirit of various eastern Asian countries. It's like they're all a bunch of undergrads, and they just got into Asian studies, but nobody told them that Japan and central China are like Massachusetts and Nevada, only MORE different. And now that Japan had a disaster, it is definitely time for them to get tl;dr on some blog comments that I read.

I must also confess to some rage at having to read someone (not a person I know on LJ or DW or anything) talking about how they try not to take any pills, except during their period, when the pain is unbearable. Are you fucking kidding me? That must be so wonderful, to be healthy enough to tell the world that pills are bad and you're great for not needing any. Except during your period, when you actually ARE human and DO require medicine that is actually NOT EVIL.

And now for the much more cheerful story of Ruby and the Trout.Collapse )


Spoilers for Atelier Meruru: event illustrationCollapse )

Okay Gust, you are pretty cool, but I wish you'd just make that otome game into a real item-making RPG.

Rant: reading books

I was reading before I started school and I spent years and years reading books as a way to pass time in school. I still love the way books feel when you hold them, turn the pages, scratch the coated paper ahhh, and smell them mmf. Then I was forced to switch to drawing pictures (because I guess you're not supposed to read all the time in class? weird), and then I discovered video games. Both of these require input and participation. You get to exert control over what you do and think. You change something that is physically outside of yourself, and you can go back later and look at it.

Reading is about like watching TV: something made by someone else runs by you and you don't get to do jack shit about it. At least when I watch TV, I can look away and just listen while using my free hands to do something undemanding (cleaning, sorting laundry, putting food in my face).

Don't be a jerk and say that people who don't like reading have no imagination/bad attention spans. I think that when you say that, it makes you look like someone who is old, obsolete, and really interested in their bowels. You're claiming that people who read are mentally and morally superior because of all the imagining and character building. That is really strange.

Assigning values to neutral things like...pretty much anything, but how about moving around? Eating? Obtaining information? Sharing information? has been proven to make people stop doing all that stuff, EVEN IF YOU LIKE THEM. If you live in a first-world country, at some point you have probably avoided sports, art, reading, staying thin, or all of the above because of this. At the very moment that I write this, I don't really want to do three out of four of these things because something out there is telling me that they are good and I should do them.

Part 2: Associations with various media learned from other peopleCollapse )

This rant happened because I have a ton of books I want to read and a huge video game backlog. I'm frustrated because I can't possibly deal with it all in the way I would like to deal with it (I think of something else to do before I'm "done" with one), and I googled "books are boring" and found a lot of assholes making claims about imagination. I also ran across a Japanese 2ch thread discussing the best place to read, and discovered that everyone was much much more beautiful and interesting than me. (Like anyone reads lying next to a river. Do you know what bugs are?)

Re: idolm@ster SP. Finally, three years after the game came out, I have obtained the (not really) distinguished title of True Idolm@ster. It would have happened sooner but I missed Iori and forgot until I replayed her story mode. Nice, big, clean cutoff point.

Vocaloids and Vesperia

Boring thoughts on Diva Project 2nd:

Stuff I like:
Kokoro: bonus mode kicks in as the robot chants "thank you" DRAMATIC
VOiCE -DIVA MIX-: Also dramatic
The one with the moon about death

Stuff I wish would jump off a bridge and go AWAY:
Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki: *vomits saccharine*

I changed my mind about:
World is Mine: This is not a song about a powerful princess, it's about a girl begging to be noticed and then falling for a guy who has the very basics in human decency. She said she was going to give up cake and pudding---I AM ON A DIET, I CAN'T EVEN FUCKING STAND TO HEAR IT.

My favorite:
Tengajuu Arabesque, because it sounds 80s (especially when Meiko sings it in her red dress). This is the first song I ever played perfectly on extreme difficulty.

So we see here a preference for fantasy, and general indifference for that which is せつない. Is Hajimete no Koi~ even sad? Am I supposed to care about yet another stupid confused teenager? The song itself says that everything went down like a TV show. Yeah, so not only have I seen this before, I am old enough so that pining for teenage bullshit is nnnnot quite right. If you like a guy and it's awkward, just say that. If he left on a train, quit pouting and call him on his goddamn cell phone. And seriously, JUST SAY HATSUKOI!!! Ewwww.

I kind of don't get why Miku gets so much freaking attention. All of the other vocaloids have some little hint at personality, like "Kaito likes ice cream (so put your nendoroid in a haagen-dasz cup)" or "Ruka can also be an octopus". What I have on Miku that is mostly unique is "Miku sings songs like a girl in middle or high school." Um? Being robots, couldn't any Vocaloid wield a leek? Aren't they all kind of nuts about music and singing? Don't they all just sing what you put in their mouths? They are all silly, this I know.

And yet Miku is The One who gets a song about developing consciousness, singing too fast, and growing wings. And most of the costumes, too! ??? Dude, make someone else sing :|

I finished the Estelle novel (I really really pick at light novels) so I thought I would describe and summarize (mostly the original material).Collapse )